goat milk processing for homesteaders

Goat Milk Processing for Homesteaders

Goat Milk Processing for Homesteaders is by Kassie DwyerEden Farm, Athens, ME

Hooray! You have milk!

milk filter for Goat milk processingNow, it’s time to prepare it for consumption.  Even when you do your best to keep your milking area clean, you are going to probably have a few floaties here and there-not to mention the stuff you can’t see! This first step is to filter your fresh goat milk.
Most filters are very simple to use.  Mine looks like a funnel with a wide, flat bottom.  You simply insert a three inch filter disk into the funnel, set it into a clean container, and pour the milk through.  Cool and refrigerate your milk as soon as possible after milking.

home pasteurizer for Goat milk processingPasteurizing

The next thing to think about is pasteurization.  This is a matter of personal preference.  Raw milk has been found to have health benefits, but there are still cautions that recommend against its consumption.  What you choose to do with your milk is totally up to
.  I do choose to pasteurize my milk.

Modern Pasteurization

Here at Eden Farm we have a 3 gallon home pasteurizer, which was around $300 new.  They come in larger sizes for processing greater volumes of milk.  Our home pasteurizer is very easy to use and only takes about 20 minutes, plus cooling time.

Traditional Pasteurization

You can also pasteurize “the old fashioned way” on the stovetop.

Most modern practices for goat milk processing now include pasteurization, but it’s your choice if you prefer to go raw. 

Unpasteurized or “Raw” Goat Milk Processing

If you’d rather not pasteurize, your milk is ready to consume after the initial filtering and cooling. Be sure to refrigerate what is not immediately consumed, especially with raw milk.

10516732_10206963298820507_5116331960478964557_nKeeping House

Each day after milking, you will need to clean and sanitize your equipment.  This is very important, and a simple washing with just soap and water is really not going to cut it, especially if you are drinking your milk raw.  Cleanliness is absolutely essential when you are dealing with dairy products and should be an integral part of your goat milk processing.

Our Clean Routine at Eden Farm:

  • Rinse all materials (bucket, filter, tote, etc.) immediately after use.
  • Wash with dish soap and hot water, rinse thoroughly.
  • Fill your sink with enough hot water to cover all of your equipment and add ¼ cup plain, good quality bleach for every 2 gallons of water.
  • Let your materials sit in the solution for 2 minutes, then rinse and let air dry.
  • After about 15 minutes, the bleach is dissipated enough for the equipment to be used without any contamination.  

There, you are ready to milk again tomorrow!