We will be taking a FARM ROAD TRIP from BREWER to WEST GARDNER along I-95 around the 25-27th of March depending on what’s best for everyone.

Hatchery: We will have assorted chicks, various hatching eggs, chicken saddles and grain tote bags

colorful rainbow chicken eggs naturally green and blue easter egger olive egger maran easter egger olive egger chicks hatched hobbit hill hatchery

Rabbitry: Flemish Giant and Silver Fox stud service, 10 minutes in bunny heaven for $20.

garfield flemish giant fawn rabbit giant breeds of rabbit orange bunny hobbit hill rabbitry flemish giant silver fox cross rabbit hobbit hill rabbitry meat rabbit for sale in maine

Dairy: Goat soap bars, possibly goat kids; we have a doe due any day and her udder filled last night!

nubian goat kids bucksport maine hobbit hill

Garden: Seedling starter kits, possibly seedlings

seedlings started indoors for first year garden first year garden tomato

If you’re interested in meeting us at off-ramps along the way please let us know which day is best so we can nail down a good date. Call or text Mandy 745-8821 or email us at to set up a waypoint.

There will be a strict 10-minute window for each customer. Be there early, we will NOT wait. This way we can be on time for each stop along the way. We will update our location and specific ETA as we travel. Thanks everyone for the outpouring of support for our little farm.