Illegal aphids crossed the grow room border

Aphids have taken over my indoor garden. There, I said it. Before you start your grow, know the pitfalls of growing indoor v. outdoor.

In preparation for winter I took some perennials in and potted them—and with them came the true pest from outdoors, the aphid.

Dyna-Gro Pure Neem Oil Leaf Polish, 8 oz.

In an effort to stay organic I’m using Neem oil sprayed on the leaves and supple stems. Both Lady Bug and Daddy Long Legs eat aphids. I’ve found around the house are sent in as reinforcements to devour them. They don’t eat the plants so the Neem oil doesn’t effect them.

They all live in the growing room together in a strange indoor ecosystem. In spring, we call it a hatching room. That’s where our 264-egg incubator sits too. As soon as it’s time to hatch the soil warms and the plants are transplanted and the pots are set out. It’s match made in chicken and garden heaven.

Aphids multiply very quickly and must be controlled constantly until the grow room can be shut down and disinfected. I’m controlling mine all winter most likely. I’m going to use a preventative and mild neem oil spray.

The frost had came earlier than expected this year. I had to haul them in a few days early. In my haste I didn’t check the plants over very well. Every time I find a daddy-long-leg, ladybug, or crab spider lurking about they are carefully transported to my indoor garden.

Lady Bug and Daddy Long Legs eat aphids!

Lady Bug and Daddy Long Legs eat aphids in your grow room, but not many people want them buzzing and creeping around—I totally get that. Stick with the Neem oil, a fan to keep the leaves dryer for about a week, trim all large leaves. They hide under them and in the crook of the stems.

If there’s no teeny herbivores sucking the life out of your plants inside call yourself lucky. Though lady bugs are fun to watch I much prefer they be outside. So successful indoor gardening in winter successful indoor gardening in winter is highly dependent on keeping harmful insects, bud rot, powdery leaf mold and other diseases OUT of the growing room. Aphids suck juices from tender shoots, weakening the plant and reducing yields and overall plant health.