Goats followed him to school one day, school one day…

Before my much needed coffee time I received a call from my oldest son. The goats were loose and following him down the mountainside to school. Yes, he has to walk up a mountain after school. He’s 15 and it’s about all the exercise he gets other than punching keys on his computer.

Anyhow, they were so far up the road, and I was in the car, that they ran out in front of the car and commenced in RUNNING further down the road. I drove my son down to the bus stop and zipped right up. They had moved and I drove right past them hoping they’s gone back to the barnyard—nope.

I drove back down the hill and got out of the car looking for them. We used to live up the road and I thought maybe that’s where they’d gone even though only one of them had lived with us then—the others had been born since. At this point I really wanted my coffee. I was still wearing PJs under my snow pants and jacket.

Finally I found them munching on a hemlock and I called for them. I hopped back in the car and they ran in FRONT of the car again and I drove slowly behind them herding them home.

Moral of the story? Wear warmer PJs and have a travel mug ready at ALL times. At least I got all the morning rounds done early. I drank two cups when I finally got back inside.