March Homestead Update

We were able to get away for a trip to South Carolina. We arrived back home a week ago to find our farm in tip-top shape—even better than how I’d left it! My friend’s daughter was up for the task and did a marvelous job tending the goats and chickens. I’m glad we chose to downsize and sell off the rabbits and waterfowl. It was much simpler for her.

We have a thin goat, Lydia, a yearling doe with a pink spot on her nose and a light brown coat with faint white spots. She’s at the bottom of the butting order and not let at the grain, hay or water before the others have had their fill. Even then, they will shove and butt her hard enough for her to wince with a sad little mah.

A friend with much smaller breed goats is able to foster her for two weeks in able to fatten her up and give her a break from the herd here. I know they will give her the love and care she deserves. Lydia is currently housed alone with a fence panel separating her from the bigger goats. It breaks my heart to think of her so lonesome even with the others in view. Goats are social creatures. I bring her to where we store the grain and let her eat her fill both morning and night.

So Miss Lydia is going on vacation too!