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Spring 2022 Breed List

EDIT ON 2/27/22: After a tragic event resulting in euthanizing of our flocks, I took a long time to heal before I could face starting over. It was truly a grieving process. The updated breed list comes out April 4, 2022.

Thank you to our many supporters, Mandy

WE WIL BE CLOSED FOR ALL 2022 ORDERS. Read our post about it.

Lavender & Black Ameraucana (self-blue & splits)

  • EDIT: We will continue this breed.

Black Copper Marans

  • EDIT: We will continue this breed.

Silver Deathlayer

  • EDIT: We found this breed to have genetic leg problems. We will not be offering this breed in the future.

Frizzle & Buff Laced Polish

  • EDIT: There are plans in the works for obtaining frizzle laced polish from a farm just north of the Florida Keys.

Lav x Marans Olive Egger (F1)

All other breeds will open for pre-ordering on our website in February. Some availability will be very limited as we grow our flocks and reestablish over the winter.

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A little update…

After a long year following our son’s difficult journey through major medical challenges we have become stronger as a family and are able to get back in the chicken business full-swing this year. He still has lingering disabilities in his hands, poor balance and eyesight issues, but is recovering.

We sold off our large livestock following his diagnosis and still only have chickens here on Wheaton Mountain Farm. I desperately miss our goats and the joy it brought to tend and milk them daily. The lessened work load has made time for other things. And I do miss the laughs over pig antics.

Over the next few weeks I will be building a barn to house our chicken breeds individually and to create a badass brooder nursery with shelves lining three walls with our breeds and age groups perfectly organized.

Thank you to our many repeat customers and supporters.

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