golden bielefelder

Golden Bielefelder

[Featured image credit: Dolly Mountain Farm in NC]


Bielefelder dual purpose chickens begin to lay at only six months. This breed lays an impressive 230 big beautiful brown eggs annually, often with big irregular speckles. Not only do they make an excellent choice for a homestead as a dual purpose active forager, they are know to be calm, gentle, and therefore are a good choice for farms with small children.

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Due to the demand for sexed female chicks over the years, I decided to research autosexing breeds over the winter since losing our flocks last fall. It was hard to let them go, and it was so strange to not have livestock to tend to over them winter months.

Bielefelder chicks are autosexing, which means the chicks hatch with obvious differences in coloration. The males have a pale yellow spot in their head with their color becoming lighter over time. The females have an adorable chipmunk stripe up their back.

Bielefelder dual purpose chicken roots:

The breed was concocted in the 1970s using Barred Rock, (possibly Cuckoo Marans), Maline, Rhode Island Red and New Hampshire chicken breeds. For a German breed, the Bielefelder has a lot of American heritage. The well-traveled heritage resulted in autosexing gentile giants, which boast huge roosters, some report up to 12 or more pounds.

This Bielefelder chicken breed was imported to the US in 2011. Then in 2013 and 2017, unrelated bloodlines of the Bielefelder chickens were imported.

Now, you might think that Bielefelder (bee-la-fel-der) might be difficult to pronounce and spell––but not if you knew their original breed name was Bund Deutscher Rassegeflügelzüchter. No, really. Go ahead and say that out loud, I dare you. Bonus points for saying it with a german accent. Somewhere along the way, someone decided to name it after the German town where it originated. Phew, hats-off the them.

bielefelder dual purpose chicken
Golden Bielefelder

Racing Feathers Farm in PA and Dolly Mountain Farm in NC are two of the breeders we will be purchasing Bielefelder dual purpose chickens from this spring on our road trip. They were kind enough to provide photos for this article.

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