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Opal & Cream Crested Legbar


This beautiful autosexing breed offers a consistent supply of blue eggs and lay earlier than many breeds. The opals are to die for with their lavish self-blue pastel coloration. We are excited to bring them into our olive egger breeding program with our Marans and Ameraucana.

Notice: Our hatchery has closed for Spring 2022 after the tragic loss of our flocks in fall of 2021. Not to fret, we went on an egg-pic 2,800-mile road trip to collect excellent stock from several states along East Coast, including our first ever bantams and quail. We have live mealworms and frass for sale in the meantime, and will have goat’s milk and tallow soaps in our shop soon. Thanks for your interest. SUBSCRIBE to get updates on available chicks. Subscribers are notified before Instagram and Facebook.

I hadn’t heard of the Opal Legbar color until this winter when I was studying breeds to bring home to Maine on our egg-pic road spanning 13 states, following a much needed vacation. I’m a sucker for their lavender barring, and it’s hard to believe they offer gorgeous blue eggs in addition to autosexing.

What more could a chicken obsessed woman want?

blue egg layers Lavender Self-Blue Ameraucana Opal legbar Hatching Eggs
Legbar lay blue eggs.

I stumbled upon Opal Legbar quite by accident in search of a second source of Bielefelder, another autosexing breed which the same breeder also offers. They will be coming from Racing Feathers Farm in Brogue, PA. They will also be one of three sources of Lavender self-blue Ameraucana.

For 2022, we strive to source each breed from multiple sources for longterm genetic diversity, allowing us a strict breeding program. Several roosters will be vetted in twice-annual hatches, and only the very best hens will overwinter. Starting with so many gorgeous birds will surely make it hard to choose.

Opal Legbar rooster
This gorgeous Opal Legbar rooster is from Racing Feathers Farm in Brogue, PA

After the tragic loss of our young flocks in 2021 we have been forced to start over with all new stock this year. I was delighted and surprised to find that Racing Feathers Farm had three of the breeds on my wish list.

Opal Legbar will also be a part of our diverse olive egger breeding program. Black Copper Marans, Lavender Self-Blue Ameraucana, and Opal Legbar should make for an intriguing array of plumage and rich green egg tones, from mossy to emerald greens.

We look forward to offering Opal Legbar in spring 2023!

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