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Getting started with your own quail

quail 3-tier wooden cage

We picked celadon quail eggs up on our insane road trip this May from Miami, Florida back to our farm in Bucksport, Maine. They hatched on Memorial Day, and the first hen began laid two days after they hit the six-week mark, which is generally accepted as the earliest laying date for this breed of quail. All of the hens were laying by seven weeks.

At this point we have been collecting eggs to do our first hatch from our own birds here on the farm. Yesterday, August 1st, we set 23 eggs in the Mini Brinsea incubator and crossed our fingers. We will continue to collect and hatch in waves until our population reaches our overwintering goal, filling our 3-tier layer hutch cages. We will offer hatching eggs and breeding trios as soon as we have met that goal.

We use this 3-tier wooden cage system for all our quail from hatch to laying. A secondary rollaway egg collection tray for when pullets begin to mature and lay is in the works, and will be available in our shop in the next few weeks. The proven housing method includes a slide-out poop collection tray system and is easily fitted with gravity fed water cups.

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We will also be offering quail chicks in spring.

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