golden crele legbar pullets have orange feathers and smaller rounded crests

Golden Crele Legbar

Golden Crele Legbar is a beautiful autosexing breed offering a consistent supply of large, light blue to green tinted eggs and lay earlier than many breeds.

Many of the offspring produced from the original Cream Crested Legbar imported to the US in 2010 developed warm tones in their feathering setting them apart from the original pastel and gray toned Cream birds. Over time, a rich reddish-gold color began to diverge from the original lines, especially the hackles on the females. These more colorful Legbar were eventually established as a variety, and given the name Golden Crele Legbar.  

We had planned to offer Opal, in addition to the Cream and Golden Crele Legbar. Unfortunately, none of the Opal variety hatched. We are excited still offer both the Golden Crele Legbar and Cream Crested Legbar, and also bring them into our olive egger and Easter Egger breeding programs.

what is the difference between Golden Crele Legbar and cream crested legbar
Note the rounder quality of the Cream variety including wider laced feathers on the head.

Our Legbar flock is a mix of 1/2 Golden Crele Legbar and 1/2 Cream Crested Legbar hens. The major difference in the two color varieties are the hen size. I find the Golden Crele Legbar hens to be substantially larger than the Cream girls. Secondarily, the Cream Crested Legbar tend to have a more full and rounded crest.

The Golden Crele Legbar are so similar to the Bielefelders in markings that two Bielefelders snuck into the Legbar stall, and weren’t noticed until a Bielefelder egg was found in the Legbar’s nesting box.

our mixed flock of golden crele legbar and cream crested legbar chickens

For 2022, we have hatched each breed from multiple sources for longterm genetic diversity, allowing us to carry out a strict closed flock breeding program for each breed. Several roosters will be vetted in twice-annual personal stock hatches, and only the very best hens will overwinter. 

Starting with so many gorgeous birds will surely make it hard to choose. After the tragic loss of our young flocks in 2021 we have been forced to start over with all new stock this year.