olive eggers at wheaton mountain farm in amine

Olive Eggers

LAST UPDATED ON January 22, 2023

olive egger hatching eggs for sale

Our Olive Eggers are a mix of several breeds for a wide variety of plumage colors, patterns and egg shades curated for the backyard hobbyist flock.

Our first generation birds are Black Ameraucana x Black Copper Marans crosses. Those hens are then crossed back to Marans for a second generation Olive Egger. We also cross Bielefelder x Lavender Ameraucana, Cream Legbar x Bielefelder, and Lavender Ameraucana x Black Copper Marans.

olive egger day-old chicks

The rich Marans color in our flock results in a great deep green tone from the first generation cross, and often thick speckles and blooms. These crosses result in eggs colored in aqua, mossy green, deep olive, and pastel green hues.

Plumage ranges widely with this fun blend and may include colorful gold or pastel tone barring, single and double lacing, solid black, solid lavender, and can result in both clean and feathered legs.

Here is a gallery of breeds that go into this wild Olive Egger mix.

  • Bielefelder and cream crested legbar are autosexing chicken breeds
  • our mixed flock of golden crele legbar and cream crested legbar chickens
  • lavender ameraucana pullet
  • golden crele legbar pullets have orange feathers and smaller rounded crests
  • lavender ameraucana, olive egger black copper marans
  • olive egger with a fresh band at wheaton mountain farm
  • The Lavender Ameraucana pullets have a pale pink to peach color comb that is thinner and more flat than the cockerels.