dark marans eggs for sale

Selecting Dark Black Copper Marans Eggs for our Customers

This is how we choose which eggs to ship in great detail.

Customers are shipped the darkest eggs we have on hand. We do not ship light eggs, period.

The very darkest Marans eggs are saved in a separate carton throughout the week. This coveted carton of mahogany beauts is stored separately, for their own safety. The carton(s) of the darkest eggs is then evenly split between orders on packing day. The number of dark eggs we collect each week is highly dependent on the time of year, molts, and the limited size of our flock. We are a small family farm, not a big hatchery.

This photo was taken under white LED lights on my kitchen counter with the chart closest to the darkest eggs to best capture the true color of our eggs.

the darkest black copper marans eggs in the us for sale shipped
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Our lighter eggs shown in the very top this photo with the card laying on top are saved for our own kitchen use, and for family and friends. We would never falsely advertise and ship lighter eggs than photographed. You can expect eggs between a 6-8 in your order.

We do not fill requests for ‘only the darkest eggs’ to ensure our customers are given a fair and even chance at our best eggs. On packing day, eggs are laid out in order of color.

Note the gradient of egg color in the large tray photographed.

All eggs under an eight are laid out in a large tray. These eggs are dealt out like cards, from darkest to lightest, directly into cartons for each order fairly. The lightest eggs at the top of the tray photographed are our kitchen eggs. This offers you a clear representation of all the eggs collected from our flock.

our black copper marans eggs on shipping day we send the darkest eggs to our customers
Note the gradient of black copper marans egg color in the large tray photographed.