Beware of Hatching Eggs Scams! We are NOT Selling Eggs or Chicks this Sping

Last year we had 18 people come to us to report hatching eggs scams from people impersonating our farm. One person even met a customer in a Tractor Supply parking lot and used my name in person! I’m both flattered and super creeped out. As a reminder, we sold our farm in June 2023, and are no longer selling eggs. There have been fake accounts on Instagram and Facebook already this spring. Please report them right away.

Thank you to all of our loyal customers over the years. Our choice to sell the farm and move was a shock to many. It was a happy choice, simply time for a change. We sold all our possessions aside from a few carloads we stored in a shed. We moved onto a boat—then we were caught in a terrible storm at sea and nearly met Davy Jones’s locker 

After some serious soul-searching and head-scratching, and staying in various places to get our sit together—we have settled in a remote one-room cabin in Bradford, Maine. It’s primitive; no road in or running water. But we are getting by while our boat is on the market.

We have been harvesting fallen, dead trees for firewood every few days, get our water from a nearby stream. The laundry is done by hand and our shower water is heated on the wood stove, and hung in a bag over a little shower stall. We use ATVs to get to our car that it parked on the side of the main road, a mile from the cabin. Getting supplies in an out has been a challenge.

Kevin installed solar and a Starlink so we can work remotely and keep in touch—our cell phones don’t work well here. Visitors endure a mud-wagon ride behind the 4-wheeler, or zip along in the back of a sled pulled by the snowmobile (depending on the fickle Maine weather). When the boat sells, which needed several expensive repairs from our wild ride, we plan to purchase the cozy cabin on 223-acres in Bradford, in addition to a motorhome to explore with.

In the meantime, I’m looking for a remote J-O-B online and have opened a digital art business for print-on-demand products like puzzles and shirts. Neither of them are making much headway yet, all in good time. I haven’t worked remote for a decade, and a lot has changed. It’s hard to find remote work without a proven track record of recent remote work. A circular challenge.