24 Celadon Quail Hatching Eggs


Celadon quail are excellent overall homestead animals.

These pretty little blue quail eggs are more than countertop eye candy for all who enter your kitchen. Quail require less floor space than chickens, have a far better feed conversion rate, rapidly reproduce, don’t crow loudly like roosters, and have a superior bone-to-meat and white-to-yolk ratios over chicken. Quail offer a wide variety of nutritional values and have been used for centuries for their medicinal properties, and more recently in modern pharmaceutical research.

We strive to offer complete information to our loyal customers about our animals, products and our farm. Here are some links to learn more about our Celadon quail hatching eggs:

  • Read about quail egg and meal nutritional value HERE.
  • Read general information on raising quail HERE.
  • Read about the rare gene causing blue eggs HERE.

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Update: first order to ship September 20! We will begin offering limited amounts of Celadon quail hatching eggs as we also hatch for our own quail population—and enjoy their delicious eggs!

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