About Black Copper Marans Chickens

french black copper maran hen green and copper red feathersOur Black Copper Marans Chickens are be back in stock for fall 2021! 

Email WheatonMountainFarm@iCloud.com for more information or to be placed on our waitlist. *As of 8/26/21 there is a 21 order long waitlist.

maran eggs dark hatching eggs black copper maran chickenBlack Copper Marans chickens are known for laying lavishly dark eggs. Colors range from deep reddish-copper, crackled-copper with dark brown flecks, to a decadent chocolate brown. Older hens will lay lighter eggs as they age.

Each hen here lays an average of 5-6 eggs per week. In seasonal climates, like ours here in Maine, they will lay 5-7 on the longest days of summer and 2-3 in the deepest winter freeze. In addition, they will take a 3-4 weeks off from laying when it first gets cold here in Maine.

french black copper maran chocolate dark copper hatching eggs

There is often a lull in egg production while they molt. Black Copper Marans chickens tend to molt hard. Add more protein to their diet to help them get through it quickly.

Black Copper Marans chickens are large sized birds who lay large eggs.

Roosters are substantially larger than hens. Roosters make fine fryers weighing in around 8 pounds, but plucking can leave behind a few black feather sheaths which look rather unsightly—but they taste just fine. They grow slower than meat birds but it’s worth the wait.

The roosters carry themselves proudly with regal markings. I have never had this breed get aggressive.

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Black Copper Marans hens vary from solid black, black with greenish sheen or black with reddish-brown to golden lacing along their necks. Black Copper Marans chickens have black to slate gray legs with black feathering mostly on the lower-outside part of the leg and sometimes extending down the outmost toes tips. We have one girl named hippy for her bell-bottom look. 

what do black copper maran hens look like?

black copper maran darkest hatching eggs for sale shipped pullets

Here at Wheaton Mountain Hatchery we breed for egg color, not breed standards. We do not show our birds. Our stock is not the best choice for those looking to add to their show lines.black copper marans dark hatching eggs for sale shipped

Black Copper Marans roosters have a burnt orange neck, darker orange-brown saddle feathers located on their top-rump, dark iridescent green mid-size to short tail plume and wingtips.

Both sexes have black undersides with slate gray down.  Roosters have very tall bright red combs and long thin waddles. Hens will often have shorter yet very impressive combs.

Some cockerels are relatively easy to sex early on with their tall red combs. Out of a dozen, it would be simple to tell a few roosters apart at a week-old. Theres always one sneaky one that makes it to a few weeks before his plumage and behavior gives them away.

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Read about Black Copper Marans standards: New APA Standards for Black Copper Marans.