55 flowery hen hatching eggs and sexed female chicks in maine

55 Flowery Hen

We plan to have 55’s available for spring 2023! A follower on Facebook reached out and offered us a breeding pair. Unfortunately, before we picked them up the rooster had {read more}

black copper maran wheaton mountain farm maine hatching eggs chocolate chicken eggs

Blue & Black Copper Marans

LAST UPDATED ON MAY 20, 2022 Black Copper Marans chickens are known for laying lavishly dark eggs. Colors range from deep reddish-copper, crackled-copper with dark brown flecks, to a decadent {read more}

lavender ameraucana americana self blue hatching eggs in maine wheaton mountain hatchery

Black & Lavender Ameraucana

LAST UPDATED ON MAY 20, 2022 Our hatchery is closed for Spring 2022. We traveled 2,968-miles in May to collect excellent stock from several states along East Coast, including our first ever bantams and quail. We {read more}

bielefelder hatching eggs autosexing chicks for sale in maine

Golden Bielefelder

LAST UPDATED JUNE 3, 2022 Bielefelder chickens are autosexing, hefty dual purpose birds which begin to lay at six months. This breed lays an impressive 230 big beautiful brown eggs {read more}

55 flowery hatching eggs for sale

Finding the Best Autosexing, Rare and Fancy Chicken Breeds

What we’re looking at for 2023 breeds:

55 Flowery Hen
Black Ameraucana
Lavender Ameraucana
Black Copper Marans
F1/F2 Olive Egger
Cream Legbar
Opal Legbar
Mille Fluer d’Uccle
Frizzle d’Uccle
Gold Bielefelder
Polish (multiple colors)
Frizzle Polish