lavender ameraucana pullet

Lavender Ameraucana

Lavender Ameraucana chickens lay lovely true blue eggs, have thick fluffy beards under their beaks, and muffs adorning their cheeks. A young visitor asked me once if they were part owl. We are currently keeping only pullets for OE/EE crosses due to an aggravating picking issue.

a pair of bielefelder chickens on wheaton mountain farm

Golden Bielefelder

This dual purpose autosexing breed is an excellent choice for a homestead. They are curious and gentle, making them a good choice for farms with small children. By only five months of age, the roosters were by far the largest we have ever raised here on the mountain, and have never had an argument.

cream crested legbar hatching eggs chicks in maine

Cream Crested Legbar

Cream Crested Legbar is a beautiful autosexing breed offering a consistent supply of large, light blue to green tinted eggs and lay earlier than many breeds.

smooth & frizzle mille fleur booted bantam hatching eggs

Frizzle & Smooth d’Uccle Booted Bantams

I am becoming obsessed with these adorable d’Uccle Booted Bantams. I mean, just look at them! How could you not be obsessed? Those two-color freckles and fuzzy cheeks are out of a muppet movie—and they have “snowshoes” for feet.

55 flowery hatching eggs for sale

Finding the Best Autosexing, Rare and Fancy Chicken Breeds

What we’re looking at for 2023 breeds:

55 Flowery Hen
Black Ameraucana
Lavender Ameraucana
Black Copper Marans
F1/F2 Olive Egger
Cream Legbar
Opal Legbar
Mille Fluer d’Uccle
Frizzle d’Uccle
Gold Bielefelder
Polish (multiple colors)
Frizzle Polish