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It was SO hard to choose which breeds to bring home from our egg-pic road trip this spring. Over the next few weeks, I will be publishing articles detailing why I have chosen these new specific breeds, their benefits, and photos from the farms we will be visiting. I’m currently finalizing our list of breeders and asking permission to share photos from their stock.

5/24/22 EDIT: See our updated post-trip breed list HERE.

Frizzle Mille Fleur Belgian d’Uccle chicken hen makes an excellent broody mama
Green Grables’ strives to increase the quality of frizzle d’Uccles. They are one of two farms we will be purchasing this breed from.

Frizzled Mille Fleur Belgian booted bantams are SO stinkin’ sweet. I mean, have you seen them?


Belgian d’Uccles are some of the sweetest, calmest and friendliest breeds of chicken. They enjoy snuggling up for naps on your lap, nibbling treats from your hand, and are excellent with small children.

Belgian d’Uccle chickens make excellent broody-mamas and are devoted to raising their broods––saving you the hassle of keeping a brooder. Although the Mille Fleur are by far my favorite color, we have other colors in the mix as well.

The Opal Legbar breed will be coming from Racing Feathers Farm in Brogue, PA.

Opal Legbar have the self-blue gene, blue eggs AND are autosexing. Could it get any better?


I stumbled upon Opal Legbar quite by accident in search of a second source of Bielefelder, another autosexing breed which the same breeder also offers.

I have loved, loved, loved the self blue Ameraucana for their pale “lavender” gray plumage and sky blue eggs, and still plan on offering them for 2023. These Opal Legbar would sure make an interesting cross where they share so many of the same traits. The Opal Legbar lay a larger egg and lay more consistently than the lavender Ameraucanas.

bielefelder dual purpose chicken roosters weigh 12 pounds
Photo provided by Racing Feathers Farm, one of three farms we will be visiting on our road trip for this breed.

Golden Bielefelder Chickens are the ultimate dual purpose autosexing breed for your homestead.


This Bielefelder chicken breed was imported to the US in 2011. Then in 2013 and 2017, additional unrelated bloodlines of the Bielefelder chickens were imported. Tight barring makes for gorgeous long tail feathers and hackles in the roosters—a great addition for an artist for feather crafts.

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