Local Homestead Classes

No 2020 dates set yet, sorry. Come back in the spring for class dates, locations and times. 

Upcoming Local Homestead Classes and locations are listed below by date and location.


chicken egg color chart bowl of hatching eggs green olive blue maran copper easter egger for sale in maine chicks for sale in maine  buff polish names george looks angry needs spurs trimmed 

Live chicks for adoring and everything you need to know to become a backyard chicken keeper. From incubation, chick care, and common health problems to taming rooster aggression, sexing poultry, and processing for food—we’ll cover it all and answer all of your questions. A limited number of chicks will be available for sale and to reserve for later in the spring. Chicks, started pullets, brooders, and coops may be ordered for May pick-up at the time of the class.


seedling starter class 

Add-ons: There are 8 seedling germination mats available in the Pro Kit listed below. The basic kit has everything you’ll need but will take a bit longer to germinate. The both mat increased your germination rate and decreases the germination time. If you have a nice warm spot in your home, it ought to do just fine.

Additional peat pellets may be purchased at the time of the class for 25¢ each. Alternatively, these kits will be made available on our website or at Simple Things & Sweets.

Seeds: I will bring a full array of heirloom, rare and and internationally imported seeds for folks to plant.

Class Style: We will begin by soaking the peat pellets and discussing best practices for successful seedlings, outdoor acclimation, cold frames vs. hotbeds, set-out dates and answer questions as we get our hands dirty.

Children are welcome as long as they are old enough not to eat the soil or seeds, and not be too interruptive to the class. I have three kids myself, two of which love to plant seeds.

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green native bee  butterfly moth maine thyme purple flower

Learn how to attract native pollinators like the teeny emerald green bee, orange-banded bumble bee or delicate moths as shown in photos the above photos from my gardens to your little patch of garden heaven. Each flower waits to be pollinated and there are so many wonderful buzzing, flapping and marching pollinators just waiting to find them. Methods for attracting and keeping native pollinators will be discussed.

Pollinator identification will be compared to garden pests to help you keep the good bugs in, and the naughty bugs out. A quick identification guide will be provided to take home. Each participant will also receive a tin of native self-seeding annual, biennial, and perennial seeds to cast over a strip of soil this spring.