How are hatching eggs shipped?

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We are often asked: How are hatching eggs shipped?

I package all our eggs on the kitchen table. I use scissors, packing tape, smaller tape, bubble wrap that I pull off a large roll, and newspaper.

Whitelaced buff polish hatching eggs by mail how are hatching eggs shipped?

First eggs are gathered often and kept pointy end down in a clean egg carton at room temperature. Eggs are shipped just the way they were in the nesting box. We do not clean the eggs to preserve the natural ‘bloom’ on the egg that protects it.

There may be a streak or smudge on the eggs but it will be left on and is okay to go into the incubator just the way it is.

Next I set up the boxes on shipping days and begin crinkling newspaper to line the bottom of the box. I use three sheets which I crinkle tightly then unfold it and crinkle it one more time. This creates an even springy base.

how are hatching eggs shipped mailed
how to ship hatching eggs

After that I wrap three eggs in bubble wrap lengthwise. Each egg in the bundle of three has bubble wrap between them so they don’t touch. They are then wrapped in a second layer of bubble wrap and placed crosswise in the box. A rolled up piece of bubble wrap is placed on the ends of the bundles to protect them from the outside edges of the box. One sheet of newspaper is crumpled on either end. Three more sheet of double crumpled newspaper are added to the top before it is taped up.

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