Price Guide & FAQ



Thank you for choosing our family farm on a little mountain in Maine! This page is full of information for our customers. NOTE: Reservations have closed for most pullets due to overwhelming demand.

You may notice laying hens are not listed. It isn’t often we offer them and when we do they go fast. For this reason we don’t offer reservations for laying hens. They are offered to our subscribers first, then two days later any remaining hens are posted on our Facebook page.

Reservations and waitlists

To reserve chicks or get on our rolling waitlist for eggs, please visit our reservation page HERE. On that page you can choose an estimated time to pick up chicks or eggs, or have eggs delivered. Each person on the list is contacted in the order they entered their information. If it’s not a good time when we reach out, we simply move to the next person and circle back to check in with you later. We take notes on when to reach out again to customers who aren’t ready yet.

Shipping is automatically calculated by USPS Priority

Enter your address for the shipping cost. It usually ranges from $18-22. We can only fit up to 14-16 standard size chicken eggs safely into a large flat rate box depending on the breed and egg size. This allows us to add extras to your order, but won’t accommodate an order of 6 + 12.

Combining two orders of 6 chicken eggs

Be sure to choose a 6 & 6 mix offered in our shop if you want them in the same box. If you put two orders of 6 eggs in your cart you will be charged for two med flat rate boxes, which costs more than a larger single box. If you do this by accident, please reach out via email to have it fixed: Please allow 24 hours for a response.

Purchasing a single order of 6 chicken eggs

A single order of 6 chicken eggs ships in a med flat rate box.

Purchasing 12 chicken eggs

Orders of 12 eggs are shipped in a large flat rate box. When purchasing two orders of 12 eggs they will ship in two separate boxes.

Purchasing quail and bantam eggs

Quail eggs are sold by 12 & 24 quantities in our shop. Both quantities fit in a med flat rate box. All bantams egg orders are shipped in med flat rate boxes. (The max purchase of bantam eggs is 12.)

How eggs are packaged and shipped

We use recycled materials from my workplace, and our friends and family. Eggs are wrapped in bubble wrap or soft foam cushion sheets and surrounded by packing peanuts, crumpled newspaper, air pockets, and other various materials that have been donated. Eggs are placed in the box pointy end down. They are surrounded on all sides, top and bottom with cushioning materials. A care guide with details on unpacking and setting your eggs is included in each box taped to an inner flap.

Shipping days

We contact each customer prior to shipping to ensure they are ready for eggs. I ship our egg orders on Mondays and Tuesdays, and occasionally on Wednesday for closer areas in New England. They are shipped on my way home from work. In winter, we wait for a forecasted two consecutive nights above freezing prior to shipment of eggs.

Refund and replacement policy

Buying hatching eggs is always a risk. By purchasing them you are accepting this risk. Once the package leaves our hands it’s at the mercy of the US postal service. Once the eggs are placed in your incubator they are dependent on optimal conditions in your incubation process. Eggs with fractures can be mended with wax‚ I have had great success with this in the past. We do not offer refunds. In some cases we will offer a discount or store credit. This being said, we very rarely have reports of broken eggs and often receive photos of happy, healthy little chicks from our customers.

Purchasing chicks

Chicks are sold locally and not shipped

All chicks are sold locally. We do not ship chicks. Please plan to prepay for chicks 24-hours prior to meeting us so we know how many to bring and not have to rush right home with them after meeting folks. Cash payment can be arranged if agreed upon prior to pick up.

Minimum chick purchase

We sell a minimum of three chicks of any combination of breeds to a single customer even if you have other chicks at home. Quail chicks are a minimum purchase of six.

Bring a box for your chicks to travel in

Please plan to bring a box that is small and lined with something textured so your chicks don’t slip and hurt their little legs. A tissue box is perfect for a few day-olds, a 12 or 18 pack beer box is great for 6-8 standard sized chicks.

Local meet ups for chicks and eggs

Spring meetings

In the busy season, we meet everyone once a week in a predetermined destination. These once weekly meets are in one-hour blocks. In the past, we have met folks at Cascade Park in Bangor. That has worked well and we plan to do that again this year. We will likely make one trip to Portland to meet customers traveling from out of state in the spring, and to visit our eldest son in college.

Off-season meetings

I work in Searsport, ME and live in Bucksport, ME. Our farm is closed to visitors, so we meet locally. We often travel to Bangor, Brewer, Otis and Old Town. We can meet you as it suits our busy schedule. I can meet in Searsport early morning or on my lunch break.

Do you ever travel to….

Please don’t ask us to make a special trip to meet you in a far flung town or private location. Our time is precious with both of us working full time, spending time with our children and family, and caring for our farm. We only meet in public locations for our safety. Thank you for understanding.