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This order is for autosexing chicken hatching eggs from our Legbar, Bielefelder, and 55 Flowery Hen autosexing chickens. They can be sexed immediately upon hatch. The Cream Crested and Golden Crele Legbar hens lay a lovely aqua to blue tone egg, sometimes even a pastel green. The Golden Bielefelders lay tan to pink pointed eggs, often with an array of speckles of all sizes. The 55 Flowery Hens lay pure white rounded eggs.

Bielefelder chickens are autosexing, hefty dual purpose birds which begin to lay at six months. This breed lays an impressive 230-260 big beautiful brown eggs annually starting at 23 weeks old. The eggs start off small, and gain size as the hens reach full weight about a month after they begin to lay. Their eggs can be light brown with a pinkish hue to tan with big irregular speckles. Not only do they make an excellent choice for a homestead as a dual purpose active forager, they are know to be calm and gentle, therefore are a good choice for farms with small children.

The Legbar chicken is a beautiful autosexing breed offering a consistent supply of large, light blue to green tinted eggs and the Legbar lay earlier than many breeds. We keep a mixed flock of Golden Crele Legbar and Cream Crested Legbar. Golden Crele Legbar hen will have a warmer brown body color and deeper salmon chest color than the other varieties and look much like a Bielefelder that only the crest gives them away. I also find the Golds to be substantially larger than the Creams.

55 Flowery Hens were created in 1955, hence the name, by Martin Silverudd, also the creator of the Isbar. The 55 Flowery Hen breed is derived from white and brown Leghorn chickens. If you have seen a Leghorn, you’ll note the 55 Flowery Hen breed resembles the body shape of the Leghorn, only a different color. Martin Silverrudd crossed White and Brown Leghorn to selectively tease out traits hidden by the dominant white.

All this work of crossing Leghorns resulted in easily sexed female chicks upon hatching. The females all have a dark chipmunk-like stripe down their backs.

The males have two smaller white stripes and tell-tale yellow spot atop their heads. As their true plumage comes in, 55 Flowery Hens intricate speckled plumage resembles that of Swedish flower hens, but with white flight feathers on the wing tips, and longest feathers on the tail.

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Buying hatching eggs by mail is always a risk. We do all we can to ensure a safe arrival by using proven packaging methods.

Eggs are NOT insured or refundable. We always send egg-stras.

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Autosexing chicken hatching eggs made a great homestead starter pack. Each breed can be sexed upon hatch.

We want to be able to offer the best birds for our customers needs. Some folks want a small backyard flock, others may be looking for high production and excellent feed conversion for selling eggs at a farmer’s market. It will take some time to reach this goal.

What is the difference between autosexing chicken breeds and sex-linked chicks?

  • Autosexing chicken breeds produce offspring that can be sexed by appearance shortly after hatching AND that trait carries on with each generation.
  • Sex-linked chicks require two different breed parents. For example, a New Hampshire rooster over a Barred Plymouth Rock hen will produce a black sex-link chick.

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