12+ Olive Egger Hatching Eggs


Our famed chocolate eggs paired with the brilliant blues of Lavender Ameraucana make for a stunning first generation cross, darker than most farms’ second generation eggs. Our Olive Egger hatching eggs will arrive as the following colors: light green, rich mahogany marans, tan, pale pink, blue, or aqua eggs. The hatchlings from the eggs you receive will lay a variety of green-hued eggs. We are known for our decadently dark marans eggs.

Our Olive Egger breed crosses include:

  1. Lavender Ameraucana x Bielefelder
  2. Lavender Ameraucana x Black Copper Marans
  3. First Generation OE x Black Copper Marans
  4. First generation OE x Golden Crele Legbar
  5. First generation OE x Cream Crested Legbar
  6. Bielefelder x Cream Crested Legbar
  7. Bielefelder x Golden Crele Legbar

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Olive egger hatching eggs hatching eggs are shipped 2-3 day USPS priority mail. Buying hatching eggs by mail is always a risk. We do all we can to ensure a safe arrival by using proven packaging methods.

Eggs are NOT insured or refundable. We always send egg-stras.

We ship only on Monday and Tuesday to ensure arrival before the PO is closed on Sundays. Please include your number if you would like them held at the PO. If you are looking for a specific shipping date we may be able to accommodate. Please include instructions in check-out during purchase.

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Weight 46 oz
Dimensions 12 × 11 × 5.5 in

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