6-Pack Auto Filling Chicken Water Cup


This mess-free watering cup fills automatically by tilting as the weight of the water in the cup decreases. There is no need for your poultry to peck, press or learn new behavior to use this handy little device. I can be used on just about anything you can drill a hole in, and will even fit through 1/2 hardwire cloth making it compatible with our quail cages. We have used them in 5-gallon buckets, cat litter jugs, and in PVC pipes for a slick gravity fed watering system. They do not overfill or leak, and when installed at an optimal level they will not fill with shavings as your poultry scratches around like a traditional waterer.

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They can be used for 2-week-old chicks to big fat turkeys.

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Weight 12 oz

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