Celadon Quail Chicks


This order is for unsexed day-old chicks that are local pick up only. In the winter we only hatch to order. They MUST be picked up as soon as available. We will not hold chicks as they are work to keep, especially in the winter months. We will email you upon placing your order to preplan a pickup date prior to incubation.

These teensy chicks hatch in only 17 days and rapidly mature to laying age in as little as 6 weeks. Males and females are easy to vent sex once mature. The males excrete a white foam from their vent when lightly pinched. The male vent is redder and sticks out further than the females. The females have a flat vent that is a pale pink and the opening is larger to accommodate eggs. Mounting behavior and listening to their very distinctive calls are also easy ways to sex them.

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These little chicks can be raised much like chicken chicks. They require drown-proofing, as seen in the the photos we use rocks in their water dish. They require heat fora shorter period and are fully feathered by 4 weeks.

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