6 & 6 olive and chocolate combo: Marans & Olive Egger Hatching Eggs



Our farm is in Maine, and winter is as brutal as it is beautiful here. It’s hard to estimate shipping times given the volatility of the temperatures. There is often a delay in shipping, especially in Jan-Feb. We reach out to each customer in the order of their purchase date as a safe shipping window is forecasted.

When our eggs are listed as ‘out of stock’ (below) we are either filling orders on our waitlist or simply don’t have enough eggs on hand. For more information, or to get on our waitlist, click HERE. We do not accept payments for backorders. 

Out of stock



This colorful laying breeds combo will be sure to dazzle your collection basket with decedent dark tones. Combine this order with Easter Eggers and you’ll have a beautiful combination. Crossing the two of them on your own farm will offer a deep second generation olive tone egg cross.

  • Read more about Marans HERE.
  • Read more about Olive Eggers HERE.


Buying hatching eggs by mail is always a risk. We do all we can to ensure a safe arrival by using proven packaging methods. Eggs are NOT insured or refundable. We always send egg-stras. We ship only on Monday and Tuesday for arrival before the PO is closed on Sundays. Please include your number if you would like them held at the PO. If you are looking for a specific shipping date we may be able to accommodate. Please include instructions in check-out during purchase.


Our packing materials are now 100% recycled, aside from the tape and USPS boxes. When I’m not working on the farm, I’m a graphic designer at Hamilton Marine in Searsport, Maine. Our receiving department is kind enough to supply our farm with a steady stream of lightly used bubble wrap, peanuts, foam and other materials. This means each box we ship will have varying packaging, but rest assured your eggs will be packed with great care for a safe trip.

Additional information

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 5.5 in

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