Subscription Discount: 12 OZ Live Mealworms

$28.00 every 2 weeks

We SHIP on the second and last Monday of each month.

LOCAL pick-ups are in Bucksport, ME on Mondays and Tuesdays.

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Our live giant mealworms, unlike most insect farms, are fed a diverse and varied diet of fresh fruits and vegetables creating a highly nutritious supplement for your pets.

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View our complete care guide for additional information on mealworms HERE.

Backorders take 2-3 weeks to fulfill in most cases. Thanks for supporting our little farm on a little mountain in Maine. We hope you enjoy our wiggly giant mealworms as much as we enjoy feeding them to our happy flocks.


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12 ounces of mealworms equals about 2000 giant mealworms. Our live mealworms count 160-170 worms per once at about 1″ long. They are sorted by width in a sifting tray, so some may be a bit longer or shorter than one inch.

When kept in the fridge they stop maturing to the next lifecycle stage between deliveries. Occasionally, one may pupate en route, but not to worry they won’t be turned down by a chicken. If allowed to sit and continue pupation, a Darkling Beetle will emerge, which in turn will lay eggs that hatch into tiny mealworms, thus closing the lifecycle loop.

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