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Blue & Black Copper Marans

LAST UPDATED ON MAY 20, 2022 Black Copper Marans chickens are known for laying lavishly dark eggs. Colors range from deep reddish-copper, crackled-copper with dark brown flecks, to a decadent {read more}

lavender ameraucana americana self blue hatching eggs in maine wheaton mountain hatchery

Black & Lavender Ameraucana

LAST UPDATED ON MAY 20, 2022 Ameraucana chickens lay lovely blue eggs, have thick fluffy beards under their beaks and muffs adorning their cheeks. Their neck feathers, or hackles, are {read more}

golden bielefelder

Golden Bielefelder

[Featured image credit: Dolly Mountain Farm in NC] LAST UPDATED ON MAY 20, 2022 Bielefelder dual purpose chickens begin to lay at only six months. This breed lays an impressive {read more}

opal legbar rooster

Opal & Cream Crested Legbar

LAST UPDATED ON MAY 20, 2022 This beautiful autosexing breed offers a consistent supply of blue eggs and lay earlier than many breeds. The opals are to die for with {read more}

celadon quail lay blue eggs

Celadon Quail

LAST UPDATED ON MAY 20, 2022 Tired of waiting for your chickens to lay eggs? Most chicken breeds take 21 days to hatch then another 6-8 months to lay eggs. {read more}