Did you know there are SIX species of weasels in Maine?

Maine is home to six weasels including fishers, martens, ermine, long-tailed weasels, mink, and river otters, each adapted to specific habitats within the region. Fishers, primarily found in dense forests, are active mostly around dawn and dusk and do not hibernate, preying on a variety of animals and occasionally nuts and fruits. Marten and mink, also forest dwellers, hunt both on land and in water, while ermine and long-tailed weasels display seasonal changes in fur. River otters, the largest of Maine’s weasels, thrive in aquatic environments. This diversity showcases a unique aspect of Maine’s wildlife ecosystem.

Ghost pipe also known as Indian pipe and it’s many uses

Dive deep into the shady underbelly of Maine’s forests where ghost pipe, Monotropa uniflora, lurks as a devious freeloader, sapping life from innocent trees via fungal middlemen. Don’t be fooled by its eerie, ethereal glow; this perennial predator thrives in the dark, pilfering nutrients without a hint of photosynthesis. A touch of mystique surrounds its limited culinary and medicinal applications—handle with care, if you dare.