a bluebird enjoying live mealworms from wheaton mountain farm in maine

Mealworms Grown in Maine

Have you purchased bulk dried mealworms? You might have noticed they are often imported from overseas. Shipping products long distances is hard on our planet and local economy. Consider purchasing {read more}

Wheaton Mountain Farm lavender ameraucana self-blue chicks for sale in maine

Spring 2022 Breed List

EDIT ON 2/27/22: After a tragic event resulting in euthanizing of our flocks, I took a long time to heal before I could face starting over. It was truly a {read more}

danny ray pelletier holding goar kid baby goat nubian kid bottle baby doeling buckling for sale in maine wheaton mountain farm dairy

Spring Goat Kids and Rabbit Kits

Easy Girl, our yearling first-freshener, kidded at 3:40AM on 4/6 Running a small Maine dairy goat farm is often exhausting. Kidding season has added to the spring mayhem this year. {read more}

easy to id maine mushrooms what do shaggy mane mushrooms look like?

3 Easy to ID Edible Maine Mushrooms

Once again, it’s mushroom season in Maine. Periods of rain, foggy mornings, early frosts and insulative leaf litter summon the mycelium to shoot forth great masses of fruiting bodies, known {read more}

55 flowery hen

55 Flowery Hen

We plan to have 55’s available for spring 2023! A follower on Facebook reached out and offered us a breeding pair. Unfortunately, before we picked them up the rooster had {read more}

The Quail hatched!

I had never seen a quail in person, let alone a teeny, weeny hatchling before. And the second I peered into the incubator and say the floofy little chick I {read more}