Contact Us

Wheaton Mountain Farm is in Bucksport, Maine

We had one of those fancy ‘contact us’ forms and our phone numbers listed. After countless email spam and relentless phone calls, we had to take them down.

Email us at:

Our farm is not open to the public. I can’t stress enough that we are VERY serious about our biosecurity standards. We schedule pick ups in a designated spot near our farm, and occasionally in neighboring and nearby towns. See our current pick up and meeting schedule HERE. In the off season, we make appointments to meet in the designated area near our farm.

We no longer host “Open Farm Days” following theft, trespassing during closed hours, rough handling of animals, and biosecurity concerns following the loss of our flocks in fall 2021. We do not accept unwanted birds.

We aren’t unfriendly people, unless we are forced to be. Please don’t make it awkward. “Just dropping by” will be viewed as trespassing, as per our clearly marked signage. Even if you have been to our farm in the past, this applies to you. We live in such a private spot because we like our privacy, thank you for understanding.