Indoor Gardening for Winter

The premise of the indoor growing began with marijuana—that became the framework for the indoor vegetable and herb garden. I needed to keep one mother plant going through the winter {read more}

Mushrooms and Life

This mushroom season has been great so far. A long sunny stretch in the next ten days or so ought to slow it down for a bit. This year I {read more}

spring garden gear breaking ground at wheaton mountain gardens 2019

Sunshine for a Day

This has been a slow spring for impatient gardeners. Two weeks ago (5/11/19) we tilled and it wasn’t until last week (5/18/19) it was dry enough to lay rows out. {read more}

easy to id maine mushrooms what do shaggy mane mushrooms look like?

3 Easy to ID Edible Maine Mushrooms

Once again, it’s mushroom season in Maine. Periods of rain, foggy mornings, early frosts and insulative leaf litter summon the mycelium to shoot forth great masses of fruiting bodies, known {read more}