Mushrooms and Life

This mushroom season has been great so far. A long sunny stretch in the next ten days or so ought to slow it down for a bit. This year I {read more}

spring garden gear breaking ground at wheaton mountain gardens 2019

Sunshine for a Day

This has been a slow spring for impatient gardeners. Two weeks ago (5/11/19) we tilled and it wasn’t until last week (5/18/19) it was dry enough to lay rows out. {read more}

danny ray pelletier holding goar kid baby goat nubian kid bottle baby doeling buckling for sale in maine wheaton mountain farm dairy

Spring Goat Kids and Rabbit Kits

Easy Girl, our yearling first-freshener, kidded at 3:40AM on 4/6 Running a small Maine dairy goat farm is often exhausting. Kidding season has added to the spring mayhem this year. {read more}

grandfather gramps conrad kitchen cupbords project

Early April 2019 Homestead Update

Wild Maine Weather and… My Grandfather Finished the Kitchen Cabinets! Just after having just hitched on the York rake to our old Farmall a few days back a real whomper was {read more}

Pro-264 incubator hatcher rite farm products hobbit hill hatchery bucksport maine

February 2019 Homestead Update

Mandy’s Homestead Update, 2/21/19 Rabbitry OUR RABBITRY CLOSED SUMMER 2019 There was a surge in interest for our rabbits as word got around I was downsizing. I sold two young {read more}

January 2019 Homestead Update

Available this Month: Whole Processed Rabbits Raw Goat’s Milk Chicken & Duck Eggs  Goat’s Milk Soap Chèvre Goat Cheese Whole Processed Goose Rabbit Pelts Hatching Eggs   Happy new year {read more}

marans started laying after butcher of cockerels french black copper maran chocolate dark hatching eggs maine hatchery chicks for sale

Hatchery: December 2018 Update

Winter blew in early this year with two major ice storms before December. A lice outbreak this fall created a super molt. Poultry lice is common in flocks kept near {read more}