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Black Copper Marans

Black Copper Marans chickens are known for laying lavishly dark eggs. Our flock of Marans originates from six separate lines and breedings are selected for dark egg color and overall health, not SOP. Colors range from deep reddish-copper, crackled-copper with dark brown flecks, to a decadent dark chocolate tone.

smooth & frizzle mille fleur booted bantam hatching eggs

Frizzle & Smooth d’Uccle Booted Bantams

I am becoming obsessed with these adorable d’Uccle Booted Bantams. I mean, just look at them! How could you not be obsessed? Those two-color freckles and fuzzy cheeks are out of a muppet movie—and they have “snowshoes” for feet.

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Eggs & Chicks

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Easter Eggers

Easter Eggers are fun crosses of our purebreds paired with first generation crosses. We are now offering a pale pink hue egg for the first time. Each egg you receive has the potential to hatch a pullet that will in turn lay an egg of different color.

olive eggers at wheaton mountain farm in amine

Olive Eggers

Our Olive Eggers are a mix of several breeds for a wide variety of plumage colors, patterns and egg shades curated for the backyard hobbyist flock.

golden crele legbar pullets have orange feathers and smaller rounded crests

Golden Crele Legbar

Many offspring produced from Cream Crested Legbar imported to the US in 2010 developed warm tones in their feathering setting them apart from the imported pastel and gray toned Cream birds. These Legbar were established as a US variety, Golden Crele Legbar. They are currently housed with the Cream, offering a 50/50 chance of variety color. They retain their autosexing and colorful eggs, just look different than their Cream cousins.