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Cream Crested Legbar


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Cream Crested Legbar is a beautiful autosexing breed offering a consistent supply of large, light blue to green tinted eggs and lay earlier than many breeds.

We had planned to offer Opal Legbar, but unfortunately, none of them hatched. We are excited still offer the Cream Crested Legbar, and bring them into our olive egger breeding program with our Marans and Ameraucana.

cream crested legbar hen at wheaton mountain farm

In addition to the standard Olive Egger, crossing a Legbar with a Bielefelder creates a mossy green tone auto sexing Olive Egger—how fun!

Our hatchery is closed for Spring 2022. We traveled 2,968-miles in May to collect excellent stock from several states along East Coast, including our first ever bantams and quail. We have live mealworms for sale in the meantime.

For 2022, we have hatched each breed from multiple sources for longterm genetic diversity, allowing us to carry out a strict breeding program. Several roosters will be vetted in twice-annual hatches, and only the very best hens will overwinter. Starting with so many gorgeous birds will surely make it hard to choose.

cream crested legbar rooster at wheaton mountain farm

After the tragic loss of our young flocks in 2021 we have been forced to start over with all new stock this year.

We look forward to offering Legbar in spring 2023!

cream crested legbar hen and rooster breeding pair at wheaton mountain farm

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