55 flowery hatching eggs for sale

Finding the Best Autosexing, Rare and Fancy Chicken Breeds

What we’re looking at for 2023 breeds:

55 Flowery Hen
Black Ameraucana
Lavender Ameraucana
Black Copper Marans
F1/F2 Olive Egger
Cream Legbar
Opal Legbar
Mille Fluer d’Uccle
Frizzle d’Uccle
Gold Bielefelder
Polish (multiple colors)
Frizzle Polish

easy girl goat nubian at wheaton mountain farm with mandy wheaton in maine doelings for sale ADGA

We are Moving

For many reasons, both practical and personal we are finding a new home for our herd to roam. Beyond personal reasons, it sure would be nice to have our own {read more}

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February 2019 Homestead Update

Mandy’s Homestead Update, 2/21/19 Rabbitry OUR RABBITRY CLOSED SUMMER 2019 There was a surge in interest for our rabbits as word got around I was downsizing. I sold two young {read more}

our homestead wedding

Our Homestead Wedding

Our little homestead wedding was a simple and happy day. It’s officially been a year since we first set foot on this bountiful, private and peaceful little mountain we now {read more}