The Quail hatched!

I had never seen a quail in person, let alone a teeny, weeny hatchling before. And the second I peered into the incubator and say the floofy little chick I {read more}

55 flowery hatching eggs for sale

Finding the Best Autosexing, Rare and Fancy Chicken Breeds

What we’re looking at for 2023 breeds:

55 Flowery Hen
Black Ameraucana
Lavender Ameraucana
Black Copper Marans
F1/F2 Olive Egger
Cream Legbar
Opal Legbar
Mille Fluer d’Uccle
Frizzle d’Uccle
Gold Bielefelder
Polish (multiple colors)
Frizzle Polish

March Homestead Update

We were able to get away for a trip to South Carolina. We arrived back home a week ago to find our farm in tip-top shape—even better than how I’d {read more}

Still winter, gah

This has been a strange winter so far. We’ve had snowstorms immediately followed by rain and melt all the snow. We had a weekend of mucky roads where we decided {read more}

Indoor Gardening for Winter

The premise of the indoor growing began with marijuana—that became the framework for the indoor vegetable and herb garden. I needed to keep one mother plant going through the winter {read more}