Meet our birds…

Click on any of the photos below for information on each breed. See our shop page for current availability and reservations for chicks, pullets, and hatching eggs. All of our breeds are sourced from multiple lines, many from thousands of miles away, all from NPIP/AI clean flocks, from thoroughly vetted farms in the US, or directly from imported lines. We strive to continuously improve upon our breeds.

55 flowery hen hatching eggs in the us
55 Flowery Hen
cream crested legbar hatching eggs
Cream Crested Legbar
three bielefelder laying hens autosexing breed hatching eggs and sexed chicks in maine
Golden Bielefelder
frizzle d’Uccle Booted Bantams mille fluer bantam
Mille Fluer d’Uccle Booted Bantams
black copper marans hatching eggs for sale
Black Copper Marans
olive egger with a fresh band at wheaton mountain farm
F1-3 Olive Egger Crosses
The Lavender Ameraucana pullets have a pale pink to peach color comb that is thinner and more flat than the cockerels.
Lavender Ameraucana
a gray celadon quail lays blue eggs
Celadon Quail
golden crele legbar pullets have orange feathers and smaller rounded crests
Gold Crele Legbar
two easter egger hens that lay pink and aqua blue pastel eggs
Easter Egger Crosses