how to package and ship hatching eggs

How to Package and Ship Hatching Eggs in the Mail

Our little egg operation sells hatching eggs to the lower 48 US states from our Homestead in Maine. They have shipped out to California, Florida and Texas. To insure their best chance at a safe arrival and successful hatch, I take care to package them well and use a reliable carrier.

To increase cost effectiveness, we purchase shipping materials in bulk and take advantage of USPS free boxes and at-home pick up. This service saves time, money and gas!

You will need a printer (or permanent marker), scissors, fresh eggs (with the clean bloom intact), bubble wrap, empty thin-walled water bottles (or loosely crumpled paper), packing tape, clear tape from a desktop dispenser, a medium flat-rate (top loading) shipping box from USPS. We also like to print out a Hatching Eggs Guide (click to download and print for your own use) AND labels for all six sides of the box. But you can also write on the box, it take a bit longer but does the trick as long as it’s written neatly.