Celadon Quail Breeding Trios



This fall we will be offering a limited amount of breeding trios of quail. They will all be between 5-7 weeks old, just as they come into maturity. This will include two hens and one rooster of our color choice. All our hens will lay beautiful blue eggs, and so will their hatchlings. Celadon quail hatch in only 17 days and begin laying eggs between 6-8 weeks of age. They are known for prolific laying of 300+ eggs annually.

We do our very best to inform our customers and followers about our animals and products, please refer to the links below for more info on these beautiful birds before purchasing celadon quail breeding trios.

  • Read more about raising quail HERE
  • Read about the many health benefits of quail as a sustainable food HERE
  • Read about the rare gene that is responsible for their blue eggs HERE

Thanks for your interest in our celadon quail breeding trios and support of our little family farm. 


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We will be offering these celadon quail breeding trios in the fall for local sales only.

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